Buyers Guide

10 Steps to Buying a Home

Find a Realtor

Find a company that has Realtors who can cover the entire state. Most agents cover only a few neighborhoods and in today’s fast moving environment you need a Realtor up to date with the latest technologies. Innovative agents who work with local home showing specialists are an indication of a very efficient person in your corner. The agents do not need to open the doors of the homes you want to see, but instead they should be analyzing the data, evaluating your offers and negotiating like mad for you. Look for a full time agent that works with many customers and maintains their working knowledge and skills in the real estate business.

At CityWorth, we believe in simplifying the home buying experience, which is why we match our clients up with one of our in-house realty professionals. We’re proud to employ a roster of savvy, experienced, and hardworking realtors who will work with you to find the perfect home.