Platinum Approval

Buy like a cash buyer with a CityWorth Platinum Approval. Close in as little as 7 business days once you are in contract.

Shop with Confidence

With a Platinum Approval, you can shop with confidence knowing you are already approved for a mortgage pending a qualified property. Since most of the work is done upfront, you will be able to close on your home in no time.

platinum approval

How a Platinum Approval Works

Get Matched

You will be partnered up with your own personal mortgage banker to help you navigate the loan process.

Send Your Docs

Your banker will request the documentation needed to get your loan approval started.

Get Approved

We will verify and submit your assets, income, and credit to underwriting for approval.


You can close on your new home in as little as 7 days once your offer has been accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

A property appraisal is one of the few things you’ll have to take care of after you find a house. You may also need to complete some additional property requirements, like pest inspections, depending on your loan type.

Your personal mortgage banker will monitor the status of your Platinum Approval and keep you updated. Your approval stays active so long as your continue to meet the loan’s requirements.

Your personal mortgage banker will review your income, assets, and credit to help you determine the maximum loan amount you can afford.

Once we receive all your documentation, your Platinum Approval should take approximately 24-48 hours.

Yes, with a Platinum Approval, a lot of the work is completed upfront. You can close in as little as 7 business days once you are in contract.

With a Platinum Approval, we’ve eliminated any doubt a seller may have about your approval status. When other buyers present their offer, it is unknown whether they can get fully approved by their lender. A Platinum Approval offer has been fully pre-approved, and in the seller’s eyes, your offer is as good as a cash buyer’s. A cash offer is guaranteed funding for a house, and a Platinum Approval is the next best thing.

Absolutely! We encourage first-time homebuyers to apply for a Platinum Approval before starting their home buying search. It takes away any financing surprises and lets you shop with confidence.

From Our Clients

"Best team of professionals I've ever worked with! I was a nervous wreck when I started the process of buying my first house. CityWorth Homes made it real easy by being there every step of the way... and that comes in handy for a foreigner like me. They made me feel like family which made this ride quite enjoyable! Thank you!"
Dasa Rosca
"I just purchased my new home with CityWorth and the process was extremely easy and streamlined. The whole team was wonderful, nice and professional. Just a very pleasant experience. Thank you Cityworth for making the process so easy."
Martha Thomas
"Very efficient and friendly folks. The whole team explained the details and the process was fast and painless. I highly recommend CityWorth to save you money!"
Alan Downes
"CityWorth literally bends over backwards working with you, listening to your needs, desires, comments/concerns/feedback, AND executing on them!!! -- quite literally at a 24 hour/7 days a week basis with the utmost attentiveness and treatment. A team that quite literally treats you like blood family to optimize every aspect of the home buying process."
Zack Capozzoli