Sell your home for free when you buy your new home with CityWorth Homes and finance it through CityWorth Loans. Buyer’s agent fee not included (typically 2.5% to 3%.)

We hope to have simultaneous closings for the sale and purchase but in the event we do not, we will hold 3% of your existing home’s value until the transactions are complete. Upon the closing of your new home with CityWorth Homes, we will send a wire to closing for this 3% or directly to you.

We have put into place a 90-day period between the sale and purchase of the two homes to allow for any challenges in the homebuying process. If your new home is not purchased within 90 days, commission funds will be released to CityWorth Homes as payment.

On the purchase of your new home, CityWorth Homes will collect a minimum of a 3% commission fee from the seller. If this fee is less than 3%, the difference will be taken from the proceeds of your sale.

CityWorth Homes will only issue the funds to the person(s) listed on the settlement statement at the closing of the transaction.

Minimum loan amount on your home purchase must exceed $200,000 USD before the deal is eligible for SellFree. Short sales not eligible for SellFree.

Once you sign up for our SellFree program, your eligibility is good for 120 days. Your eligibility may be renewed after the first 120 days with both party’s agreement.


Acceptance of this offer constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Additional conditions may apply. All conditions are subject to change upon CityWorth’s discretion.

Contact us: If you would like to request additional information regarding these Terms of Use, please contact us at support@cityworth.com.